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What Not To Do When Building Your Business Reputation As Per Francis Santa

Francis Santa, being a highly reliable entrepreneur, knows exactly what to do to build a business reputation. Actually, managing your business reputation is a lot harder than ruining it. If you are a startup company or even a company that has been in the industry for a long time, you have to keep away from things that could potentially ruin your business reputation.

If there are things you can do to build your business reputation, there are also things you can do to ruin it. Some are not aware that they are already ruining their reputation, and would only know that it is happening when their business is already on rock bottom.

Just to give you some ways that could hurt your business reputation, read the following:

False advertisement

Do not ever think of creating false advertisements. Do not let your customers believe things that are not true. False advertisements can easily hurt your reputation. You might be successful in convincing others at first, but once they tried your service or product, and found out the truth, expect that it will be the start of your business fall down.

False advertisement is not something you have to patronize, as that will end your business in no time.

Anyway, if you are confident about your product or services you render, there is nothing you should worry about.

Employing bad customer service representatives

You have to filter your employees very well. You have to make sure that the applicants you are about to hire are capable and able to perform the job you require. You also have to make sure that proper training is provided to all your employees before you allow them to perform their jobs.

Your selection process should be tight, and your standards should be a bit high as your customer service representatives are the ones who will face your clients if they have concerns or issues they need to raise.

Sending your market with tons of emails and a lot of phone calls

Do not bombard your market with tons of emails and a lot of phone calls, as instead of getting their trust, you might end up irritating them and pushing them away even more.

There is nothing wrong if you want to call them once in a while or send them a few emails, but make sure that the frequency is decent enough for them to trust you and not ruin your reputation.

Delaying in fixing customer’s issue

When a problem arises, make sure that you will attend to it immediately. Sometimes, problems that are not attended to for a long time can become harder to handle and can be a cause for your business turmoil.

Keeping your employees unhappy

Make sure that your employees are happy all the time. They can spread words that can possibly hurt or boost your reputation, so you have to make sure that they are always happy and content with their position in your company.

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