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What Entrepreneurs Need To Posses, By Francis Santa

Being an entrepreneur is not as easy as what you think it is. Some think that once they become an entrepreneur, they can do whatever they want. They are free from responsibilities and they can handle and decide on their own timing. Actually, that is not the case at all, especially for companies that are just starting up. The stress, the time and dedication is more if you own a business versus if you are working.

If you are an employee, once your duty in the office is done, you can go out, relax, go to a bar, sleep tight and anything else that can let you shrug off the stress, while if you are a business owner, your work does not end after your business hours is over, as you have to think on how to make your business succeed, how to manage your business finances, what to do to save up, where to look for investors, etc.

That is why Francis Santa, a reputable entrepreneur and businessman, agrees that being someone like him is not for everyone. There are certain characteristics aspiring entrepreneurs need to possess in order to become successful in this field, and to name some of them, consider the following:


Success will not come in a snap, it may take time, so if you think you are patient enough to wait for your turn, then go ahead and explore more about being an entrepreneur. Patience is a virtue, and that will absolutely pay off when you become an entrepreneur.

Do not take the shortcut when putting up your business, you have to go through everything in a slow, steady and sure manner.

Hard worker

Are you ready to work thrice, or even more, as much as when you are an employee? You are the boss when you become a businessman, hence, you have to think not just about your career but your business, your employees, your customers, and everything and anyone else.

If you are willing to exert more than 100% of your efforts, then go ahead and try your luck in the world of entrepreneurship.


You have to be creative and flexible at the same time. Your planning should be right on the spot and in accordance with your goal. You need to have great ideas on how to make your business succeed, how to be on top of your game and how to improve your products and/or services.


When you pursue entrepreneurship, you have to be ready with a lot of events, a lot of conversations, transactions, etc. Being sociable is a characteristic a businessman needs to possess. You should be confident in facing the crowd, people in authority, other businessmen, and the like.

Risk taker

Business is all about risks, you can be successful, you cannot be successful. You have to prepare yourself not just for the best but also for the worse. If you have the heart to push for a greater goal without fearing setbacks, then you can consider entrepreneurship.

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