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What is online reputation management?

In the section above, we have seen how negative publicity can be harmful to your business and we have also seen that the solution is to get your reputation back in line and the way to do that is by applying reputation management. Thus, you might be wondering what reputation is or what it is all about. Well, reputation management refers to a combination of techniques that a company or individual uses to take back the public perception to where it was before or even improve it. Reputation management is usually employed after reputation has been damaged and it involves the use of different techniques and methods. These techniques can be applied when one needs to improve public’s perception about their brand online or even offline.

There are even companies that specialize in helping other companies and even individuals to repair their perception by the public online and even offline. An example of such a company is the one that is owned and headed by Francis Santa. Santa’s company has been operational for over five years and they only recently celebrated the company’s fifth anniversary.

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