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4 dangerous online reputation mistakes to make as a business

The majority of businesses today have either joined or considered joining the online industry as an expansive move for their future market. Competition has therefore amplified online which makes the fight for customers even more ferocious as you will learn from the marketing strategies used. Considering the role reputation plays in marketing your brand, a great ORM firm is what you need for a polished image. It is choosing the right firm that will save you from committing the followingamateur mistakes that willaffect your reputation according to ORM expert Francis Santa.

No policing of reviews

Have you asked your customers toleave reviews based on services offered? This is the first step to handling your reputation, setting up a testimonials section where reviews can be found. It does not however end with that, you have to find out which quality of reviews that you are getting in order to follow up. Even with good reviews, you have to thank the customer and encourage the, to keep checking your offers out. Being silent on the reviews received might send a bad message about your reputation management team or efforts.

Never updating NAP details

When being searched for online, it is wise to be easily found as that is what customers want. After establishing your brand authority, provide the relevant contact details on how you can be found by your customers. Besides improving trust between you and the target traffic, it makes it easy for the conversion process to happen and generate sale later on.You must therefore be keen to update your personal details in case any changes are made. Upgrades and new offices must also be update don the phone numbers, addresses and business names and locations listed. Businesses without the right contact details online appear to be fraud in front of new traffic checking them out for the first time.

Poor response to customer reviews

All businesses know that pleasing all your customers is an impossible target to achieve however you can work with the majority. There are chances thatyou get poor reviews every once in a while whether deservingly or not but what matters is how you handle the situation hence forth.Do not in any way give angry or rude feedback to negative reviews because it only plays to the advantage of the critics in tainting your business image. You instead have to find ways you can contact the customer that made the review and improve their experience to motivate them to make the necessary rectifications.

Making promises you cannot keep

By far this remains one of the fastest ways to damage your reputation even as an individual. Your business does not need to use false marketing incentives to attract traffic because it will always backfire on you. Your customers will have high expectations from your promises and marketing incentives which when you fail to meet might anger them. To build trust between you and your target market, you need to consider keeping it true and highlighting facts only about your brand.

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